Recently I read the book author name T. Harv Eker “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”. This book discusses the difference between a rich vs poor mindset. The book focuses on people who follow the traditional paths of society and live a normal life.

The traditional society path (A very low-risk path) in childhood going to school, college, and university, try to getting a high pay job and working there until you can reach the age of retirement. They stick to a realistic path of life. Another author Tim Ferriss writes, it is often easier to be unrealistic about life than to be realistic. This can be observed in superstars such as Michael Jordan, Cam Newton, Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams and other great athletes who made their unrealistic dreams come true.

Wealthy people invest your time in every day learning a new thing. This learning helps to achieve goals. Poverty mindsets learning till school college or a university class so they remain lived the same in all life.

Rich people invest money more and more every day because cash flow is an important part of daily life. Poor people did not focus on invest money it believes in the saving.

A major divergent rich vs poor mindset is the future. poor mindset thinks about short term benefits but wealthy people think long term benefits.

Rich people react in life  basic on intelligence but Poor people react to feelings

One more thing rich people are creators, people of poor mindset normally consumers. They buy those products who create great minds.

To help you decide on the traditional paths of society or your happiness, I decided to give my own insight on the principles from the book. Here are other ways of breaking out of the poor mindset and convert your dream in true life.