a): Enlisting of Plant Varieties

Stage 1:

Documents required of enlisting   

i)  Application for enlisting 

ii) Authorization certificate by the principal exporting company/breeder 

iii) Essential characters of the variety to be enlisted 

iv)  Catalog or official document of the principal company for trace-ability;

v)  Data of adaptability testing   for two seasons in Pakistan 

vi)  Recommendation of the VEC or VEC sub-Committee for enlistment; 

vii) A certified reference sample of the variety to be enlisted 

viii)   Enlisting fee of Rs.10,000/entry 

Step 1: 

Examination of application before submitting to the enlisting committee


Within 7 working days of the application received


In case of deficiencies, the application shall be returned with observations

Stage 2 :

Step 2: 

Approval for enlisting of a variety or hybrid by the VEC or its Sub-committee


Within 90 working days of the receipt of application 

Stage 3 :

The entry of enlisted varieties in the National Register of enlisted varieties by FSC&RD 


Within 7 w/days of the decision of enlistment

Stage 4 :

Circulation of the list of enlisted varieties


Within 15 working days of each meeting of the Committees for enlistment


b): Seed Quality Analysis of imported seed consignment for issuance of Release Order

Stage 1:

Documents required 

i)   Request for sampling the consignment   

ii)  Submission of the invoice, packing list, phytosanitary certificate, NON-GMO certificate, authorization certificate in case of an agent

iii) Labeling details of the consignment

Step 1: 

Taking the seed sample by the seed inspector

Timeline :

Within 3 working days of the request received 


Sampling to be refused in the case; 

i)  it does not meet labeling requirements as prescribed;

ii) The variety is not enlisted by FSC&RD 

Stage/Step 2:

Release of the consignment upon seed quality analysis 


Within 7 working days of the samples delivered to the laboratory


The consignment shall be released on the first count of germination test subject to provision of undertaking

Stage/Step 3 :

issuance of Seed analysis report


Within 14 working days of the completion of the seed analysis 


i) Release order to be issued in case it meets the requirements of Seed (Truth in Labeling) Rules, 1991.

ii) The importers to be informed in writing not to distribute the rejected seed consignment.

iii) All seed inspectors to be informed of the rejected seed lot by providing details thereof

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