Certification of Seeds is a compulsorily part of seed business if you have not approval a certificate then no one can do business. Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department sub-department of the Ministry of National Food Security and Research.its regulate the certification of seeds in Pakistan.

Process Certification of Seeds in Pakistan;

Stage 1:

Necessary Documents required for certification 

i)  Request on form 01 for crop inspection

ii) List of growers to be submitted as per following schedule;

   Punjab / KPK:

       Rabi crops up to 28th  Feb

       Kharif crops up to 31st July

  Sindh / Balochistan

        Rabi crops up-to 15th  Feb 

        Kharif crops up-to 15th July

iii) All documents in favor of source verification

Step 1:

i)  Scrutiny of submitted list and details by the respective field stations of FSC&RD 

ii) crop inspection by FSC&RD

Timeline :

i) within 30 working days or maybe within 40 working days to 50 working days of the application

Remarks :

Rejection of crop/field in writing upon not meeting the requirements of certification standards, source verification, etc

Stage/Step 2:

 Issuance of the crop inspection report 

Received Within 10 working days of the crop inspection done

Stage 3:

Required documents for further procedure 

i)  Request on form 03 for seed sampling before processing  

ii) Documents and details of seed store/field, its location, No. of bags, etc 

Step 3:

i) Seed sampling 

ii) Issuance of the lot number

Within 15 working days of the request received

Rejection of sampling in case seed samplers is not satisfied with the lot homogeneity

Stage/Step 4: 

Deliverance of seed sample to the Seed Analyst and request for carrying out seed testing before processing

Within 2 working days of the receipt of sample 

Stage/Step 5:

Testing and issuance of provisional seed testing report by the concerned seed analyst/laboratory 

Within 30 working days of the receipt of the sample 

If seed lot is rejected, the applicant is restrained from procuring the seed lot 

Stage/Step 6:

Request on form 06 for seed sampling after processing along with details of store and details of the quantity of seed lot

Seed sampling for Laboratory  analysis 

Within 15 working days of the receipt of the request for seed sampling

Stage/Step 7:

Seed Analysis by the approval authority

Within 30 working days of the receipt of the seed sample

Stage/Step 8:

issuance of final seed testing report on form 04 

Within 3 days of the completion of seed testing 

In case the seed lot does not meet the seed testing standards as prescribed for the seed category requested, the seed lot will be rejected 

Steps 9:

Issuance of certification tags by the office in charge of the laboratory concerned

Within 7 w/days of the final results of acceptance or issuance of seed analysis report


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