Steps to Register a Business ;

Stage 1 :

Documents required for the initial process. 

Request to be submitted to FSC&RD for the availability of name and brand  name 

Step 1:

FSC&RD to convey in writing the status of availability of name/brand name

Timeline :

Within 7 working days of the request received

Remarks :

No application shall be accepted without furnishing proof of availability of name and brand name as issued by FSC&RD 

Stage 2 :

  1. i)  Application for registration of local seed producer, seed importer, seed exporter  
  2. ii) Documents required for registration to do seed business

Step 2:

FSC&RD Headquarter shall examine the application and refer the completed ones to the concerned Regional Director for verification of Infrastructure; Physical assets; Antecedents and other details provided by the applicant 

Timeline :

Within 15 working days of the application received 

Remarks :

Application with deficiencies shall be returned 

Stage/Step 3:

Supply of verification report by the Regional Directorates to FSC&RD Headquarter 

Timeline :

Within 30 working days of the referral by FSC&RD 

Remarks :

Cases not verified shall be returned with observations; 

Stage/Step 4:

Approval by the Working Group of the Ministry for grant of permission to do seed business for a period of five years 

Timeline :

Within 60  w/days after the verification is complete

Remarks :

Companies not granted registration shall be informed accordingly;

Stage 5 :

Submission of fee at the following  rate; 

Rs.75000 for seed importer 

Rs.50000 for local seed producer  

Step 5:

issuance of the certificate to do seed business by the Ministry 

Timeline :

the Ministry w/days of the decision made by the WG of the Ministry 

Remarks :

The companies failing to submit the prescribed fee shall not be issued any certificate

Stage 6 :

Renewal of the registration already granted by the  Working Group subject to; 

i)  Application for renewal to DG, FSC&RD

ii)  Verification/progress report by the concerned Regional Directorate of FSC&RD  

iii) Renewal fee at the following rate; 

       Rs.40000 for seed importer

     Rs.25000 for local seed producer 

Step 6:

FSC&RD to issue Certificate for the Renewal of permission to do seed business 

Timeline :

Within 30 working days of the receipt of  application

Remarks :

The renewal shall not be made;

  1.  If the applicant does not fulfill the requirements as prescribed under section 22B of the Seed Act, 1976 and seed (Business Regulation) Rules,2016;
  2. The applicant fails to submit the renewal fee
  3. Case to be submitted in the next meeting of the working group for review by the  WG

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