6G-Future Technology

In 21st the technology more change and the world become more modern and strong in this field. In the telecom sector where all human connects in every day, the latest technology 5G-Fifth Generation of mobile standards is currently installed in various locations in the world. A normal question comes in mind whats new developments in the Sixth Generation technology? How will 5G technology differ 6G and what kind of new in the 6G who is not in the 5G.

If we read the background of 5G technology.it is the most advance if we compare it with 4G. If we talk about the download speed of 4G network speed.Its 28 Mb/s in many places but In 5G downloading speed up to 600 Mb/s in different locations.Power requirement of 5G for boot 10 times less than from 4G. It increases the battery life of mobile phones.

If we talk about what’s new in the 6G.Some people thinking the minimum speed 1terabit/s.what kind of transformation deliver? Vehicle technology changed and it’s related to the internet because of the future of the self-drive car. In a big city in millions of vehicles enter every day. Self-drive vehicles want to know about route location, other transports in the road, weather, and condition of the road. It totally depends on their internet connection and speed. Its a big challenge for 6G technology. Essential data provided by 5G but its not sufficient for a save drive.

Artificial intelligence plays a major role in human development. Every day the demand for artificial intelligence increases. At the same time, an application calculates the financial market, weather forecasts, monitoring, and planning, and care optimization Then its required a lot of speed and strong communication. China’s government announced last year, we start working on the 6G with the goal to cover all the world in 2030. In South Korea, LG starts a 6G research center since January 2019.

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