How to Make Money on YouTube

Some people think youtube is not a search engine its only video search engine. But a lot of expert says its a second largest search engine in the world. In youtube, every minute uploaded 500 Hrs video for views and users in all the languages of the world. Approximately  1 billion of youtube videos watched in 24 Hrs. Due to a lot of customer engagement, it is the perfect platform for online earning.

People in different ways you can earn money on youtube but we discuss the most famous 6 ways of earning.

  • Become YouTube Partner, Run Ads and earn money     
  • Selling Products and earn money
  • Crowdfunding for Creative project
  • Work with brands as affiliated
  • Get license you video content to media
  • Fan Funding (Your audience support)


Let’s start to discuss in detail.

1- Become YouTube Partner, Run Ads and Earn Money     

In this first of all set yourself as a youtube partner. Which is easily available in the creative studio section of the channel menu verify the account and activate monetization.when you become a partner you will need a Google AdSense to account for paid and revenue reports. Once you setup completes a dollar sign show in your video.its sign enable monetization on your video and you can access monetization settings for every video.

Youtube focuses on friendly and quality content for user.if content not complete the youtube guidelines then it’s not eligible for Ads.

According to youtube if following content included in your content then you do not run ads,

  • Suggestion sexually, partial nudity and sexual humor
  • Events related to violent extremism and Violence, display a serious injury
  • Unsuitable language like as profanity, harassment and vulgar 
  • Selling and promotion of drugs and related items, use and abuse such items
  • Sensitive or controversial events and subjects like war, political conflicts, tragedies, and natural disasters even it’s graphic not show.


Youtube demonetization a bundle of content since 2002 with his updated automatic process. Many YouTubers lose his revenue because they don’t receive any warning of demonetization.

Now a days situation is very better YouTubers notify and tell us the reason for demonetization.

2-Selling Products and Earn Money

T-Shirts, Tea/Coffee Mugs, Snapbacks, Tote Bags, Cards sell your fan with your picture or signature. It generates revenue for you and a major benefit it connects your fan offline. It required not a lot of hard work. Choose design services for a freelancing website like a Fiverr or workout. When you order received then integrate your order with store and delivery company automatic process.

3-Crowdfunding for Creative Project

When you have a good idea but you don’t have money to complete it. Then crowdfunding is the best source to generate money. Crowdfunding money helps in buy the latest equipment for the project and saves a lot of time. If you have multiple fans then share your creative project details and take financial help to complete the project.

Most famous Websites for crowdfunding for creative project recording;

Kickstarter: Most famous website for crowdfunding for cool’s most secure for financial transactions.

Indiegogo: It is the alternative of the Kickstarter.

4-Work with brands as affiliated

Every time the brand thinks about more customer engagements and a big budget for audience loyalty. Many of YouTubers affiliated with many brands and charge a handsome amount. It totally depends on content quality, your audience demographics. content niche and your deal with brands. 

Another way earns money throughout every sale of product generate your channel. The commission (1% to 75% ) depends on the product type and nature. Amazon Affiliate network gives 10% of every sale.

5- Get license you video content to media

If you have an ability to create a viral content a funny clip with your birds. You can License your content for earning money. if your video viral then Tv news, Morning Shows and online news sites reach your video content. You can place your video on video marketplace e.g juken media where right people find content easily and purchase it,

6-Fan Funding (Your audience support)

Fan funding is the same as crowdfunding. In this, you can set up to source donations for your audience. As a creator, you add content on youtube for help without any forcing people to watch and help you.

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