Without motivation, we do not achieve our goals and spend a dream life. Motivation born energy in a person to achieve goals.itsmay be for Sucess, job satisfaction, Teamwork, relationship, and business. it is the big reason for a person that inspires for forwarding in daily life. A bundle of types of motivation but in this writing, we review and discuss 5 only;

Types of Motivation

a) Intrinsic Motivation:

 In which a person motivated by self internally, for example, a woman name Jani wants to lose her weight and look like a beautiful doll. She starts different types of diets and exercises after some time she loses her weight its an intrinsic motivation. Because she motivates herself and set a goal and challenge.

b) Extrinsic Motivation :

In Extrinsic a person motivated by another person.its comes to those people who do not get intrinsic motivation. for example a man name Jone looks at a friend’s body shape. Jone follows his healthy life and exercise routine.its an extrinsic motivation. Because Jone motivated by another person.

c) Incentive-based Motivation :

Its occur normally on project basic task or a goal. When Task  or a goal complete in time and work on it perfectly then received incentive-based motivation 

d) Fear Motivation :

In multiple places “fear” words give the negative meaning normally people don’t like it.but when its use for motivation then its meaning changed. People who set big goals and achievements and learn for a mistake they don’t fear failure.Fear word help to achieve the vision and mission of a great person.

e) Power Based Motivation :

Power-based motivation is the type of motivation where a people use their job (position of employment or organization) power to change the world, society, and country. Sometimes its a very bad thing .its good for those who have a personal vision for changing.