Vendor Ledger Reconciliation Format in Excel

The vendor is the most important part of any organization. A manufacturing company 50% success depends on his vendor services. Financial is play an important role in industry progress. Account payable related to the vendor.

Vendor Reconciliation

We discuss the important part of the vendor ledger reconciliation format in the excel. This template shows how to maintain ledger with vendor then he provides perfect services and we save a lot of time and money.


The serial number is a necessary part of any document. In this, screenshot it shows that how many vendors working with the organization.


This Picture shows that the vendor business name some time vendor name and his business name changed. Business sale from time to time. It may be part of the marketing plan. Many times business goes to lose and other people and companies buy it then they changed the name of the business. Many times names show the type of business.


The above excel screenshot shows the contact information of the is important in an emergency contact with the vendor.


Some vendor has different types of business. Everyone has no about the client’s demand and supply. Special person deals and handles the clients demand, it show the focal person of the company.


Some vendors working on the advance, cash and another working on credit. This column shows the current balance of the vendor.


It show which type of services provided by a vendor. Easily we sort by Type of many vendors we have related this service.


The date defines the duration of all columns and their components. It also shows which date we reconciliation the ledger.


Remarks play an important role in daily work. Some time company clash with vendors on rate, deals, delivery, quality, quantity and time duration. Remarks shows which type of clash in the ledger.


The last step of vendor ledger reconciliation format in excel is audit sign. The auditor checks wisely with his profession thinking and scope.