Here’s How to PTI Govt Kamyab Jawan Program online apply Loan Scheme

Here’s How to PTI Govt Kamyab Jawan Program online apply Loan Scheme

Here’s How to PTI Govt Kamyab Jawan Program online apply Loan Scheme

Prime Minister’s Kamyab Jawan Program was launched by PTI Prime Minister Imran Khan to help the unemployed youth of Pakistan through technical assistance and financial support as the shape of loan. In order to uplift the youth of the country by offering opportunities to utilize their entrepreneurial potential to the fullest, the Government of Pakistan is offering low-cost business loans up to Rs. 5 Million.

Loans can be availed for starts up of new business or expansion of existing one. All eligible persons can apply for the loan by visiting the designated online portal (to be announced by GOP). No other way of application submission other than through a designated online portal should be acceptable.Kamyab Jawan Program online apply broke all the previous records more than 700,000 youth applied for the loans within seven days.

However, most of the applicant is facing difficulties to apply online portal form.

A step-by-step guide with a screenshot for you to fill the online form.

Open this Kamyab Jawan Program web portal (to be announced by GOP) to apply for the loan.

Scroll down the homepage and press “Read More” button below the “Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (Yes)”  initiative


It will guide you to the next page.

Press “Apply Online For Loan


form with disclaimer note will open


Press OK button to continue


First of all, choose one Bank Name in the option available of  National Bank Pakistan, Bank of Punjab and Bank of Khyber.

Applicant Name: Name of the Applicant.

Applicant CNIC: Computerized National Identity Card mention on your CNIC.

CNIC issue Date: Date when the card Issue by Government.

Date of Birth: Date of your Birthday

Gender: Select your gender

Father / Husband Name: Write CNIC mention father .husband name.

Present and Permanent Address: As per mention on the CNIC.

Is sim registered in your Name: If register in your name than mention YES otherwise NO.

Martial Status: Married, Unmarried or any Other.

Experience / Skills / Education: If you have any experience, education or skills then mention it.

Current Occupational Status : Select one of than Employed, Self-employed or unemployed

Please provide the required information in all the sections. All the fields are mandatory.

When the form is filled, press the “Proceed to Step 2” button which will lead you to an affidavit.

Read the affidavit carefully and check “I Agree To Terms And Conditions”.


Finally, submit the form.

All the completed and submitted applications shall be processed within 30 working days.

Important Note: All the loan applications submitted through this form will not assure the approval of the bank loans unless you fulfill the eligibility criteria of the bank.


How to Make Money on YouTube

How to Make Money on YouTube

How to Make Money on YouTube

Some people think youtube is not a search engine its only video search engine. But a lot of expert says its a second largest search engine in the world. In youtube, every minute uploaded 500 Hrs video for views and users in all the languages of the world. Approximately  1 billion of youtube videos watched in 24 Hrs. Due to a lot of customer engagement, it is the perfect platform for online earning.

People in different ways you can earn money on youtube but we discuss the most famous 6 ways of earning.

  • Become YouTube Partner, Run Ads and earn money     
  • Selling Products and earn money
  • Crowdfunding for Creative project
  • Work with brands as affiliated
  • Get license you video content to media
  • Fan Funding (Your audience support)


Let’s start to discuss in detail.

1- Become YouTube Partner, Run Ads and Earn Money     

In this first of all set yourself as a youtube partner. Which is easily available in the creative studio section of the channel menu verify the account and activate monetization.when you become a partner you will need a Google AdSense to account for paid and revenue reports. Once you setup completes a dollar sign show in your video.its sign enable monetization on your video and you can access monetization settings for every video.

Youtube focuses on friendly and quality content for user.if content not complete the youtube guidelines then it’s not eligible for Ads.

According to youtube if following content included in your content then you do not run ads,

  • Suggestion sexually, partial nudity and sexual humor
  • Events related to violent extremism and Violence, display a serious injury
  • Unsuitable language like as profanity, harassment and vulgar 
  • Selling and promotion of drugs and related items, use and abuse such items
  • Sensitive or controversial events and subjects like war, political conflicts, tragedies, and natural disasters even it’s graphic not show.


Youtube demonetization a bundle of content since 2002 with his updated automatic process. Many YouTubers lose his revenue because they don’t receive any warning of demonetization.

Now a days situation is very better YouTubers notify and tell us the reason for demonetization.

2-Selling Products and Earn Money

T-Shirts, Tea/Coffee Mugs, Snapbacks, Tote Bags, Cards sell your fan with your picture or signature. It generates revenue for you and a major benefit it connects your fan offline. It required not a lot of hard work. Choose design services for a freelancing website like a Fiverr or workout. When you order received then integrate your order with store and delivery company automatic process.

3-Crowdfunding for Creative Project

When you have a good idea but you don’t have money to complete it. Then crowdfunding is the best source to generate money. Crowdfunding money helps in buy the latest equipment for the project and saves a lot of time. If you have multiple fans then share your creative project details and take financial help to complete the project.

Most famous Websites for crowdfunding for creative project recording;

Kickstarter: Most famous website for crowdfunding for cool’s most secure for financial transactions.

Indiegogo: It is the alternative of the Kickstarter.

4-Work with brands as affiliated

Every time the brand thinks about more customer engagements and a big budget for audience loyalty. Many of YouTubers affiliated with many brands and charge a handsome amount. It totally depends on content quality, your audience demographics. content niche and your deal with brands. 

Another way earns money throughout every sale of product generate your channel. The commission (1% to 75% ) depends on the product type and nature. Amazon Affiliate network gives 10% of every sale.

5- Get license you video content to media

If you have an ability to create a viral content a funny clip with your birds. You can License your content for earning money. if your video viral then Tv news, Morning Shows and online news sites reach your video content. You can place your video on video marketplace e.g juken media where right people find content easily and purchase it,

6-Fan Funding (Your audience support)

Fan funding is the same as crowdfunding. In this, you can set up to source donations for your audience. As a creator, you add content on youtube for help without any forcing people to watch and help you.

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Steps to Register a Seed Business

Steps to Register a Seed Business

Steps to Register a Business ;

Stage 1 :

Documents required for the initial process. 

Request to be submitted to FSC&RD for the availability of name and brand  name 

Step 1:

FSC&RD to convey in writing the status of availability of name/brand name

Timeline :

Within 7 working days of the request received

Remarks :

No application shall be accepted without furnishing proof of availability of name and brand name as issued by FSC&RD 

Stage 2 :

  1. i)  Application for registration of local seed producer, seed importer, seed exporter  
  2. ii) Documents required for registration to do seed business

Step 2:

FSC&RD Headquarter shall examine the application and refer the completed ones to the concerned Regional Director for verification of Infrastructure; Physical assets; Antecedents and other details provided by the applicant 

Timeline :

Within 15 working days of the application received 

Remarks :

Application with deficiencies shall be returned 

Stage/Step 3:

Supply of verification report by the Regional Directorates to FSC&RD Headquarter 

Timeline :

Within 30 working days of the referral by FSC&RD 

Remarks :

Cases not verified shall be returned with observations; 

Stage/Step 4:

Approval by the Working Group of the Ministry for grant of permission to do seed business for a period of five years 

Timeline :

Within 60  w/days after the verification is complete

Remarks :

Companies not granted registration shall be informed accordingly;

Stage 5 :

Submission of fee at the following  rate; 

Rs.75000 for seed importer 

Rs.50000 for local seed producer  

Step 5:

issuance of the certificate to do seed business by the Ministry 

Timeline :

the Ministry w/days of the decision made by the WG of the Ministry 

Remarks :

The companies failing to submit the prescribed fee shall not be issued any certificate

Stage 6 :

Renewal of the registration already granted by the  Working Group subject to; 

i)  Application for renewal to DG, FSC&RD

ii)  Verification/progress report by the concerned Regional Directorate of FSC&RD  

iii) Renewal fee at the following rate; 

       Rs.40000 for seed importer

     Rs.25000 for local seed producer 

Step 6:

FSC&RD to issue Certificate for the Renewal of permission to do seed business 

Timeline :

Within 30 working days of the receipt of  application

Remarks :

The renewal shall not be made;

  1.  If the applicant does not fulfill the requirements as prescribed under section 22B of the Seed Act, 1976 and seed (Business Regulation) Rules,2016;
  2. The applicant fails to submit the renewal fee
  3. Case to be submitted in the next meeting of the working group for review by the  WG

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Registration of Fruit Plant Nursery and Seed Processing Units in Pakistan

Registration of Fruit Plant Nursery and Seed Processing Units in Pakistan

Registration of Fruit Plant Nursery and Seed Processing Units in Pakistan

1: Registration of Fruit Plant Nursery in Pakistan

Stage 1:

Documents required for registration

First of all submission of an application to FSC&RD  for registration along with information as required under Fruit Plant Certification Rules, 1998 

Step 1:

Examine of application 


 Within 7 working days of receipt of application 

Remarks by Authority:

Application to be returned in case of deficiencies 

Stage / Step 2:

Verification and Recommendation by the Regional Fruit Plant Registration 

Timeline :

Within 30 working days of the referral to the committee 

Remarks :

Nurseries not recommended to be informed accordingly

Stage / Step 3:

Registration of recommended nurseries by the Federal Committee

Timeline :

Within 30 working days of the recommendation by the Regional committee


Nurseries not granted registration to be informed accordingly 

Stage/Step 4:

Issuance of Registration Certificate to Nursery 

Timeline :

Within 15 working days of the decision made regarding registration of the nursery 


Circulation of the certificate to all registered nurseries


2: Registration of Seed Processing Units in Pakistan

Stage 1:

Documents required for registration

Application for registration of Seed Processing Units.

Steps 1 :

Examination of the application 

Timeline :

Within 15  working days of the receipt of application

Remarks :

The application shall be returned in case of deficiencies;

Stage/Step 2:

Physical Verification by Regional Directorates of FSC&RD 


Within 30 working days of the referral 


Cases not physically verified shall be rejected 

Stage/Step 3:

Submission of completed and verified cases to the Ministry for permission to be registered 


Within 30 working days of the completion of the case 

Stage 4:

Submission of fee of Rs.10,000

Step 4:

Issuance of Registration Certificate


Within 30 working days of the approval of the case

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Enlisting of Plant Varieties and imported Seed Quality Analysis

Enlisting of Plant Varieties and imported Seed Quality Analysis

a): Enlisting of Plant Varieties

Stage 1:

Documents required of enlisting   

i)  Application for enlisting 

ii) Authorization certificate by the principal exporting company/breeder 

iii) Essential characters of the variety to be enlisted 

iv)  Catalog or official document of the principal company for trace-ability;

v)  Data of adaptability testing   for two seasons in Pakistan 

vi)  Recommendation of the VEC or VEC sub-Committee for enlistment; 

vii) A certified reference sample of the variety to be enlisted 

viii)   Enlisting fee of Rs.10,000/entry 

Step 1: 

Examination of application before submitting to the enlisting committee


Within 7 working days of the application received


In case of deficiencies, the application shall be returned with observations

Stage 2 :

Step 2: 

Approval for enlisting of a variety or hybrid by the VEC or its Sub-committee


Within 90 working days of the receipt of application 

Stage 3 :

The entry of enlisted varieties in the National Register of enlisted varieties by FSC&RD 


Within 7 w/days of the decision of enlistment

Stage 4 :

Circulation of the list of enlisted varieties


Within 15 working days of each meeting of the Committees for enlistment


b): Seed Quality Analysis of imported seed consignment for issuance of Release Order

Stage 1:

Documents required 

i)   Request for sampling the consignment   

ii)  Submission of the invoice, packing list, phytosanitary certificate, NON-GMO certificate, authorization certificate in case of an agent

iii) Labeling details of the consignment

Step 1: 

Taking the seed sample by the seed inspector

Timeline :

Within 3 working days of the request received 


Sampling to be refused in the case; 

i)  it does not meet labeling requirements as prescribed;

ii) The variety is not enlisted by FSC&RD 

Stage/Step 2:

Release of the consignment upon seed quality analysis 


Within 7 working days of the samples delivered to the laboratory


The consignment shall be released on the first count of germination test subject to provision of undertaking

Stage/Step 3 :

issuance of Seed analysis report


Within 14 working days of the completion of the seed analysis 


i) Release order to be issued in case it meets the requirements of Seed (Truth in Labeling) Rules, 1991.

ii) The importers to be informed in writing not to distribute the rejected seed consignment.

iii) All seed inspectors to be informed of the rejected seed lot by providing details thereof

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Process Certification of Seeds in Pakistan

Process Certification of Seeds in Pakistan

Certification of Seeds is a compulsorily part of seed business if you have not approval a certificate then no one can do business. Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department sub-department of the Ministry of National Food Security and Research.its regulate the certification of seeds in Pakistan.

Process Certification of Seeds in Pakistan;

Stage 1:

Necessary Documents required for certification 

i)  Request on form 01 for crop inspection

ii) List of growers to be submitted as per following schedule;

   Punjab / KPK:

       Rabi crops up to 28th  Feb

       Kharif crops up to 31st July

  Sindh / Balochistan

        Rabi crops up-to 15th  Feb 

        Kharif crops up-to 15th July

iii) All documents in favor of source verification

Step 1:

i)  Scrutiny of submitted list and details by the respective field stations of FSC&RD 

ii) crop inspection by FSC&RD

Timeline :

i) within 30 working days or maybe within 40 working days to 50 working days of the application

Remarks :

Rejection of crop/field in writing upon not meeting the requirements of certification standards, source verification, etc

Stage/Step 2:

 Issuance of the crop inspection report 

Received Within 10 working days of the crop inspection done

Stage 3:

Required documents for further procedure 

i)  Request on form 03 for seed sampling before processing  

ii) Documents and details of seed store/field, its location, No. of bags, etc 

Step 3:

i) Seed sampling 

ii) Issuance of the lot number

Within 15 working days of the request received

Rejection of sampling in case seed samplers is not satisfied with the lot homogeneity

Stage/Step 4: 

Deliverance of seed sample to the Seed Analyst and request for carrying out seed testing before processing

Within 2 working days of the receipt of sample 

Stage/Step 5:

Testing and issuance of provisional seed testing report by the concerned seed analyst/laboratory 

Within 30 working days of the receipt of the sample 

If seed lot is rejected, the applicant is restrained from procuring the seed lot 

Stage/Step 6:

Request on form 06 for seed sampling after processing along with details of store and details of the quantity of seed lot

Seed sampling for Laboratory  analysis 

Within 15 working days of the receipt of the request for seed sampling

Stage/Step 7:

Seed Analysis by the approval authority

Within 30 working days of the receipt of the seed sample

Stage/Step 8:

issuance of final seed testing report on form 04 

Within 3 days of the completion of seed testing 

In case the seed lot does not meet the seed testing standards as prescribed for the seed category requested, the seed lot will be rejected 

Steps 9:

Issuance of certification tags by the office in charge of the laboratory concerned

Within 7 w/days of the final results of acceptance or issuance of seed analysis report


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