Hr Recruitment and Selection Stages of Hiring Process (A Method of Hiring)

Hr Recruitment and Selection Stages of Hiring Process (A Method of Hiring)

Hr Recruitment and Selection Stages of Hiring Process (A Method of Hiring)

Sourcing Methods:

Candidates can be sourced using the following methods.

1-Top Rank Job website in your area or any other Job Site

2-National or Local Newspaper

3-Banner Ads in different places

4- Recruitment agency

5- Personal/professional network (references)

Our goal is to create as many applications as possible in order to select the best candidate possible. Start with writing the mission statement of the job. Shown below.

Job Posting :

Step 1: Write Mission of the Job: The purpose of the job posting is to clearly mention the kind of people we are trying to recruit, this is the first step and great opportunity to screen wrong candidates and impress the right candidates. The following are the steps required, see the example for the HR & Admin job below.

Step 2: Job Title

Step 3: Salary

Step 4: Description

    • Company intro
    • Job outcomes (requirement)
    • Skills Required

Step 5: Job details (criteria)

    • Industry
    • Job Location
    • Career level
    • Gender
    • Working shift
    • Age
    • Education
    • Experience

Step 6: Once the Job posting is ready Post it on the Recruitment Website for example hiring


This job is an example that was posted on (online employment website) with the following parameters

HR & Admin Executive

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   Per Month Salary

Job Description

ABC Private Limited national based company; we are looking for HR & Admin Executive for our (Office Address). Candidates must have good knowledge of HR & Admin policies and Govt. Rules and Regulations.

The ideal candidate should be experienced in:

  1. Good Skills on MS Excel, MS Word and In Page
  2. Post Ad / Banners as per company requirement
  3. Shortlist CVs and conduct interview
  4. Issue appointment letter with probation
  5. Prepare policies for motivation and appraisal of employees to boost the morale of the workforce.
  6. Prepare SLAs of employees and update time to time.
  7. Prepare policies for discipline.
  8. Warning, Termination and Resignation Letter.
  9. Issue Circulars
  10. Arrange Meetings
  11. Prepare Payroll
  12. Resolve employee’s payroll issues
  13. Resolve Employees matters
  14. Prepare Charts of daily basis cleaning of the offices and factories.
  15. Deal with Govt. Authorities such as Social Security, Labor Department. Local Bodies and Police etc.
  16. Look after Logistics Matters
  17. Maintain Generators Oil levels
  18. Maintain Office Vehicles
  19. Prepare employees benefits program for their motivation
  20. Prepare SOP as per company requirement

 Skills Required:

  1. Candidate with good communication skills.
  2. Good typing speed: min 25 words per minute.
  3. Ability to take the pressure
  4. Should have very good formal communication skills.
  5. Understanding of the core HR and Admin will be preferred.
  6. Should have good expertise to retain the employees.

 Job Details

Industry: Nature of business Like as (Manufacturer)

Functional Area: HR & Admin

 Total Positions: Number of Seats for Example (1 Posts)

 Job Type: Full Time / Part Time or any other

 Job Shift: Morning (General)

 Job Location: (City Name of posting)

 Gender: Male

Age: Define age Like as (18 – 40 Years)

Minimum Education: For Example, Bachelors

 Career Level: Experienced Professional

 Minimum Experience: 2-3 Years


 After shortlisting candidates based on given criteria, an email/text congratulating on shortlisting message with company and interview info must be sent and the following script should be read on call.

Call Script.

Hello, this is HR Executive (Name) calling from ABC Private Limited. Congratulations you are selected for the interview position of (Job designation). Our company provide the following facilities (For Example)

  1. Sunday off
  2. Major holidays off
  3. 10 paid leaves per year
  4. Leave encashment
  5. Company loan (without interest)
  6. Bonus programs (yearly, quarterly & monthly)
  7. Annual increment
  8. Company Refreshments
  9. Cooperative staff, Healthy, learning & professional environment.

The FAQ for new Hiring :

  1. What is your salary range?

Ans. We are offering 40K – 50K depends on your skills & quality of work

  1.       Is this a permanent job?

Ans. Yes, this is a permanent job.

  1.       What are the timings?

Ans. 8 working hours, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

  1.       What is the exact location?

Ans. Our office located at (Complete Address)

Screening Interview Written Test:

Name: ___________________________________         Cell: +92-________________

  1. Are you a permanent resident of __________?             Yes                          No
  2. Do you own your vehicle?                               Motorcycle           Car                No
  3. Do you have good knowledge of MS Excel?                    Yes                               No
  4. Did you use any software or ERP System?                      Yes                            No
  5. What is your approximate typing speed in words per minute?
  •     20-30        30-40         40-50                  Above 50
  1. Are you willing to perform small tasks/duties (aside from the ones listed in the job description) with your other colleagues to keep the office environment healthy? Yes             No
  2. Expected Salary: ______________       Is this negotiable?               Yes                No
  3. When can you join us if hired?         Next-Day          7 Days          Other_________ days


Top Grading Interview :

“Topgrading®” – Topgrading is a chronological walk through a person’s career from beginning to end. For every job in a person’s career history, ask the following questions: “What were you hired to do? What accomplishments are you most proud of? What were some low points during that job? Who were the people you worked with? Why did you leave that job?” Go into some detail about the candidate’s opinion of his or her previous boss and co-workers. Ask the candidate what these people will say about him on a reference call. Press for details. The more details you get, the better you will understand the candidate. Try to compile the person’s complete story. Plan to spend from one-and-a-half to three hours on this interview, though to qualify candidates for C-level positions, you might spend up to five hours. Every hour invested at this stage saves many more hours later because you will eliminate less than ideal candidates. Learn to interrupt candidates politely to push for details about their performance in light of their projected plans and in competition with their peers.

Competencies: (filter out 10 most crucial & very important from followings)

  1. Efficiency                                                                        Score: ________________
  2. Honesty/integrity                                                            Score: ________________
  3. Organization & Planning                                                Score: ________________
  4. Aggressiveness                                                              Score: ________________
  5. Follow-through on commitments                                    Score: ________________
  6. intelligence                                                                      Score: ________________
  7. analytical skills                                                                Score: ________________
  8. attention to details                                                           Score: ________________
  9. persistence                                                                      Score: ________________
  10. proactivity                                                                         Score: ________________
  11. Flexibility                                                                          Score: ________________
  12. Calm under pressure                                                       Score: ________________
  13. strategic thinking                                                              Score: ________________
  14. creativity/innovation                                                         Score: ________________
  15. enthusiasm                                                                      Score: ________________
  16. work ethic                                                                         Score: ________________
  17. high standards                                                                  Score: ________________
  18. listing sills                                                                         Score: ________________
  19. openness to criticism & ideas                                           Score: ________________
  20. teamwork                                                                          Score: ________________
  21. persuasion                                                                        Score: ________________


“To hire Accounts Officer who maintains a record of vendors, Received Bills from Audit Deptt, Check and post. Prepare Cheques as per company policies.


  1. Good skill in MS Excel and MS Word
  2. Receive Bills from the Audit Department
  3. Check Bills Calculations
  4. Check Previous Rates
  5. Check supporting documents
  6. Finalize bill and get it to sign from Manager Accounts
  7. Post-Bill in Financials Software
  8. Issue Cheque to Purchasers / Vendors
  9. Maintain Vendors / Purchasers Ledgers on weekly basis
  10. Vendors Ledgers Reconciliation on a fortnightly basis.
  11. Knowledge of Accounting procedures (Accounting Head)
  12. Knowledge of Sales Tax procedures and Filing of Sales Tax Returns
  13. Knowledge of Income Tax
  14. Prepare Monthly Work in progress sheet
  15. Prepare Monthly Profit & Loss Accounts and Balance Sheet
  16. Prepare Bank Reconciliation Statement
  17. Petty Cash Handling


  1. Efficiency                                                       Score: ________________
  2. Organization & Planning                                Score: ________________
  3. Aggressiveness                                             Score: ________________
  4. Intelligence                                                    Score: ________________
  5. Attention to details                                         Score: ________________
  6. Calm under pressure                                     Score: ________________
  7. creativity/innovation                                       Score: ________________
  8. Honesty                                                          Score: ________________


“To hire Assistant Accountant who maintain a record of vendors, Received Bills from Audit Deptt, Check and post. Prepare Cheques as per company policies.


  • Good skill in MS Excel and MS Word
  • Receive Bills from the Audit Department
  • Check Bills Calculations
  • Check Previous Rates
  • Check supporting documents
  • Finalize bill and get it to sign from Manager Accounts
  • Post-Bill in Financials Software
  • Issue Cheque to Purchasers / Vendors
  • Maintain Vendors / Purchasers Ledgers on weekly basis
  • Vendors Ledgers Reconciliation on a fortnightly basis.
  • Knowledge of Accounting procedures (Accounting Head)


  1. Efficiency                                                      Score: ________________
  2. Organization & Planning                              Score: ________________
  3. Aggressiveness                                            Score: ________________
  4. Intelligence                                                   Score: ________________
  5. Attention to details                                        Score: ________________
  6. Calm under pressure                                    Score: ________________
  7. creativity/innovation                                      Score: ________________
  8. Honesty                                                         Score: ________________


“To hire HR & Admin Executive who manage the hiring process, retention of employees, decrease absents turnover with benefits/polices, prepare documents to maintain discipline and factory culture also deal with Govt. authorities”.


  • Post Ad / Banners as per company requirement
  • Shortlist CVs and conduct interview
  • Issue appointment letter with probation
  • Prepare policies for motivation and appraisal of employees to boost the morale of the workforce.
  • Prepare SLAs of employees and update time to time.
  • Prepare policies for discipline;
  • Warning Letter
  • Termination Letter
  • Issue Circulars
  • Arrange Meetings
  • Prepare Payroll
  • Resolve employee’s payroll issues
  • Resolve Employees matters
  • Prepare Charts of daily basis cleaning of the offices and factories.
  • Deal with Govt. Authorities such as Social Security, EOBI, Labor Department Local Bodies, and Police, etc.
  • Look after Logistics Matters
  • Maintain Generators Oil levels
  • Maintain Office Vehicles
  • Prepare employees benefits program for their motivation
  • Prepare SOP as per company requirement


  1. Efficiency                                            Score: ________________
  2. Organization & Planning                    Score: ________________
  3. Aggressiveness                                 Score: ________________
  4. Intelligence                                        Score: ________________
  5. Attention to details                             Score: ________________
  6. Calm under pressure                         Score: ________________
  7. creativity/innovation                           Score: ________________
  8. Honesty                                             Score: ________________



After you decide the best-suited candidate, convincing him with salary and company benefits to close the deal.

The following must be highlighted

  • Salary
    • Competitive Salary xx,xxx.xx
    • Paid Timely
  • Benefits
    • Relaxing
      • Sunday off
      • Major holidays off
      • 10 paid leaves per year
    • Financial
      • Leave encashment
      • Company loan (without interest)
      • Annual increment
    • Entertainment
      • Company Refreshments
    • Worldwide work experience
      • Cooperative staff, Healthy, learning & professional environment



The mission of orientation is to make sure of the following.

  1. Give an office brief tour
  2. Understands and is given a copy of the employee handbook.
  3. After the Above 4 have been understood (2-3 hours) any Question they have must be answered by the supervisor.
  4. The new hire understands his Sla’s/KPIs
  5. Reads the instructional manual of the department.
  6. A small Test i.e verbal must be taken to ensure the employee has understood all the above. Please do not skip this or any of the above steps.

Note: the above is a 1-2 day process before the new hire can start working.

Resume Templates in Ms Word

Resume Templates in Ms Word

Resume Templates in Ms. Word 1:


Insert Picture                                                     Full Name


D.O.B     DD/MM/YYYY                               Phone: +12345678910                                Email:


OBJECTIVE                                                                                                                                                                                        _

 To pursue a career as a Law Officer/Legal Advisor with a reputed organization and to provide an organization with the best of my efforts and services and enhancing my knowledge and abilities.

 EDUCATION                                                                                                                                                                                     _

Degree/Year                                                      University/Institute                                       CGPA/Percentage

 CERTIFICATION                                                                                                                                                                              _

Possess good communication skills in English in all areas (speaking, writing, reading, listening) with the __ bands in IELTS.

 RELEVANT SKILLS & ACCOMPLISHMENTS                                                                                                                           _

Worked as an HR executive for almost one year and got an understanding of HR working and then after doing the law degree I worked as an advocate with a team of very well known lawyers which enhanced my knowledge. Presenting and solving different cases helped me to improve my confidence, ability to express, problem-solving, decision making and ability to convince others with solid reasoning.

 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES                                                                                                                                                  _

A_B_C Law College                                                                ( Duration)

Working as a visiting facility member at  A_B_C  law college and teaching different subjects to both morning and evening sessions.

 X_Y_Z  Law Company                                                            ( Duration)

 Providing assistance to senior advocates in research work and preparation of cases, preparing and filing the cases into the courts, pursuing all the assigned cases, dealing with the clients and keeping them updated regarding their cases.

 C_D_E Private Limited                                                                     ( Duration)

HR Executive

Performed the duties and responsibilities as an HR Officer which included maintaining the employees files, maintaining the attendance and check-in/checkouts and strictly enforcing deduction policies, implementation of code of conduct,  writing of effective adds and job descriptions, reviewing resumes and applications sent in by job applicants, analyzing the quality people and contact them with phone or e-mail, scheduling interviews of job applicants, conducting pre-employment background checks on prospective employs. Anticipating and forecasting supply and demand for key roles, skills, and capabilities and using different modes of talent attraction.


English –              Excellent

Personal Details

Marital status:            – – – – – –

Religion:                   – – – – – –

Nationality:                – – – – – –


Will be furnished upon demand.

Resume Templates in Ms. Word 2:


Full Name

Home address:

Email address:




To attain a challenging position in a fast-growing organization to work with the team of professionals which would give me a chance to grow with it and contribute to the company. Providing scope for utilizing the acquired knowledge, experience and offering growth prospects in the form of knowledge and skills enhancement.


Good Communications, Result oriented, well organized, able to work individually or in a group, capable of working under pressure and within a deadline, Honest Professional attitude, and appearance.


A-B_C  Direct  PVT. Ltd.

INTERNAT/IONAL CALL CENTER                (Experience Duration)

Job Summary:

Working as Tele Sale Officer, Generating international calls in different countries for selling the products and packages regarding the Electricity. Hands-on experience for the usage of directory data and selecting the telephone and direct landlines numbers for dealing & briefing fluently in English with the UK nationals. Having strong customer convincing and customer-centricity skills.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Phone calls to explain Company products and services and respond to customer requests.
  • Sell product and place customer orders in the computer system.
  • Provide customers with procedures and promotions information regarding company products.
  • Upsell products and services.
  • Transfer customer calls to appropriate staff.
  • Maintaining complete call logs and reports.
  • Investigate billing issues and misapplied payments.
  • Recognize documentation and alert the supervisor of trends in customer calls.
  • To provide feedback to the supervisor on important issues/Problems escalated by the customers.

XYZ ENTERPRISES                                         (Experience Duration)

Job Summary:

Worked as a customer services representative, providing full call center responsibilities, answer phones to respond to orders, general customer inquiries, invoice questions, and customer complaints. Project a professional company image through phone interaction.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Answer phone calls to explain Company products and services and respond to customer requests.
  • Sell product and place customer orders in the computer system.
  • Provide customers with procedures and promotions information regarding company products.
  • Upsell products and services.
  • Transfer customer calls to appropriate staff.
  • Identify, research, and resolve customer issues using the computer system.
  • Follow-up on customer inquiries not immediately resolved.
  • Maintaining complete call logs and reports.
  • Investigate billing issues and misapplied payments.
  • Recognize documentation and alert the supervisor of trends in customer calls.
  • To provide feedback to supervisor on important issues/Problems escalated by the customers
  • To ensure customer retention and recommend process improvements.
  • Provide on-the-job training for new employees.
  • Generate customer thank you letters.

Teaching Experience:                                          (Experience Duration)

J_H_I Public School

 Job Summary:

I have about 2 years plus teaching experience in different Private Education Institutes. This experience gives me a great opportunity to know about people’s behavior & Probing skills. Have the ability to coordinate & communicate with others because you have to deal with 20+ different personalities in your Classroom, plus all of the parents who think their children are perfect and can do no wrong. There are tons of paperwork, Examinations, results preparation meetings, extra duties, etc.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for planning, preparing and delivering lessons to all students in the class.
  • Teaching according to the educational needs, abilities, and achievement of their individual students and groups of students.
  • Assigning work, correcting and marking work carried out by students.
  • Assessing, recording and reporting on the development, progress, attainment, and behavior of one’s students.
  • Adopting and working towards the implementation of the school development Plans.
  • Providing or contributing to oral and written assessments, reports and references relating to individual students or groups of students.
  • Participating in arrangements within an agreed national framework for the appraisal of students’ performance.
  • Providing guidance and advice to students on educational and social matters and on their further education and future careers.
  • Communicating, consulting and co-operating with other members of the school staff, including those having posts of special responsibility and parents/guardians to ensure the best interest of students.
  • Assisting and co-operating with the Head of School, Assistant Head, Heads of Department, Education Officers, and other teachers in the preparation and development of courses of study, Examinations, teaching materials, teaching programs, methods of teaching and assessment and further coordination arrangements.


  • English language Course & Practice
  • Computer Foundation
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Ms Windows 98 / XP / 2000
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer



  • Will be furnished if required




Free Resume Templates 2019 with Screenshot

Free Resume Templates 2019 with Screenshot

Free Resume Templates 2019

Account Manager Resume Templates :


Complete Name

Contact No:      0123456789

Email:               _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Address:           _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


A strategic position in a reputed, dynamic, ethical and socially responsible organization, growing with the organization through Professional Development, Career progression and a continued dedication & attitude towards excellence.


Particulars Institute Year


Particulars Institute Year


  • A-B-C & Co


Served as an Internee at A-B-C & Co. During this period worked in capacities ranging from entry-level Audit Assistant to a semi senior in internal audit and Audit and Assurance departments. Responsibilities included;

  • Involved in statutory audits under local regulations and International Standards on Auditing as applicable in Pakistan.
  • Identifying audit findings and control weaknesses.
  • Application of International Accounting and Auditing Standards on statutory audits.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of systems and underlying records of financial statements.
  • Experience in developing, restructuring and evaluating internal control systems.
  • Reviewing compliance of legal and financial reporting framework.
  • Involved in annual stock take

Following are the most significant clients and related engagements that have contributed to my professional growth:

Educational Institutes

  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 


Service Sector


·  Internal  auditing

·  Expert knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

·  Expert knowledge of International Standards on Auditing (ISA)

·  Financial Analysis

·  Financial statements & reporting
·  Financial risk management ·  Budgeting Planning and Controlling
·  Compliance Reporting

·  Corporate Compliance

·  Working Capital management



  • Proficient in all components of Microsoft Office, particularly in MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and Oracle.


Fathers Name

Marital Status              Single

Age                              In Years


Travelling, badminton and socializing.


Will be furnished upon demand.

HR Manager Resume Templates :



CV-Template -2-(2)


Residential address:

Date of Birth:   DD/MM/YYYY

CNIC:   4567-8997765-22

Marital Status:

Mobile: 0123456789





Insert Picture



To attain excellence by utilizing my experience in the field of HR and corporate management.


Payroll Management Personnel  Management Benefits Management
Recruitment & staffing Exceptional Communication Operational Management


  • Well versed in HR policies, practices & procedures and ability to develop and ensure compliance with it.
  • Ability to manage HR & Admin Processes, Rules & Regulations.
  • Ability to identify issues, formulate opinions, recommendations, and implementation of the agreed strategy.
  • Shows persistence when faced with difficult problems or challenges, remains calm in stressful situations.
  • Works collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organizational goals.
  • Meets timeline for delivery of targets.
  • Shows pride in work and in achievements.


  • Assistant Manager HR & Admin – ABC of Companies (Duration)

 Core HR Responsibilities:

  • Manage the procedure of job announcements, CV’s shortlisting, Scheduling Interviews and further job placement.
  • Maintain a soft database of employee’s personnel information.
  • Review and approve monthly payroll processing for all groups of companies.
  • Dealing with compensation &benefits related matters. (Life Insurance, Health Insurance, and Claims, Car benefits, Fuel Benefits, etc.)
  • Manage and maintain official documentation &correspondence records.
  • Manage Day to day tasks assigned by the GM HR & Admin.
  • Developing policies and ensure the application of rules and regulations.
  • Conduct Orientation of New Joiners, development, training & records keeping.

Administration Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the complete process of Visit Visa applications and travel management (America, Canada, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Dubai)
  • Monitor operational activities and submission of the report to higher management.
  • Resolving all administration issues in the office.
  • Supervise office activities, building maintenance indoor & outdoor renovations.
  • Maintain records of purchases, pricing, and other important data
  • Review and finalize all vendors/suppliers’ price and payment terms on a bi-monthly basis.
  • Negotiate the best deal for pricing and supply contracts.
  • Maintain and update the list of suppliers and their qualifications, delivery times, and potential future development.
  • Efficiently and effectively manage lower staff as per need and availability.

Officer Taxation –Dummy Pvt. Ltd                                             (Duration)

  • Monthly managing 100% input data reports which are necessary for sales tax return filing.
  • Coordinating with the internal departments regarding the Output data against monthly Revenue generated by the company sold products, prepaid sim cards & postpaid voice calls &SMS packages, Site sharing invoices, internet data services, and Sale Tax revenue adjustments province wise.
  • Reporting & review the GST invoices accuracy, Gross sales Tax rate compliance, Exemption certificates, Codes checking where services rendered and goods supplied nationwide.
  • Responsible for compiling and analysis electricity cell site data (4600 plus BTS sites power consumption)by preparation of the database.
  • Ensuring the applied rates of GST and withholding data according to the tax law.
  • Responsible for cross verification and preparation of monthly reconciliation and collection of payment proofs as required by Corporate Tax Laws.
  • Follow-up and coordination with the internal departments and related external vendors for corporate Tax law compliance& business related queries and concerns.
  • Keep an updated record of show cause notices, queries and discrepancies raised by FBR.
  • Responsible for evaluation of new business vendor’s profiles as per standard parameters.
  • Support and assist Manager Finance Taxation in quarterly, half-yearly, annual audit related to Input & Output data, withholdings, Reconciliations, Accounting entries and adjustments.
  • Responsible to keep the complete record of Corporate Tax Law updates and amendments.

HR Personnel Officer HR-Head Office –X-Y-Z Pvt. Ltd (Duration)

  • Verifying new joiner’srecruitment profiles & induction documentation filling in HRMS.
  • Provide operational support to Payroll Team during monthly payroll processing, nationwide disbursement, employment letters, Salary Pay Orders &internship stipends.
  • Final settlement processing, PF& Gratuity Summary Sheets & extra payments details generation from oracle, Cheques printing, getting approvals from authorizing signatories.
  • Manage employee’s PF advanced processing. Verify the requests and after getting approvals from trustees forward to Bank for further fund transfers.
  • Support & assist Manager HRMS in quarterly, half-yearly & annually audit of Payroll data and personnel records along with the Provident fund & Investments and Gratuity Fund audit.
  • Responsible for keeping correspondence records of membership, Housing Society Tax Rebates, Gratuity, EFU Health Insurance, Provident fund, etc.
  • Employees Queries handling regarding routine processes and benefit details.


Following projects completed and managed during employment with Telecom Company:

  • All employees Performance Appraisals printing from OD – Performance management system – Project Team Leader
  • Nationwide managed the Government cards distribution in employees. – Project Team Member
  • Degree Verification & Personnel files documents completion (All Company Employees). – Project Team Member
  • Different Transition Program – Project Team Member



  • Well versed in Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Outlook.
  • Relevant software expertise (Oracle HRMS R11 & R12).


  • “Customer Service Excellence for internal Customers” – Internal Training
  • “Service Punch” motivate & energize himself, collaborative working & Successful teambuilding – External
  • “Training/Workshop on Core HRMS (Oracle HRMS R12)” – Internal Training
  • “Performance Coaching and feedback” – Internal Training


  • Employees Paint Ball Competition – Organizing Team Member
  • Super 6 Cricket Tournament – Organizing Team Member
  • Go Karting (X Park) – Organizing Team Member
  • Bowling Competition – Organizing Team Member
  • Green Fields – Organizing Team Member


  • Appreciation for working on Annual Increment 2011 & 2012
  • Appreciation for Degree Verification & Personnel files documents completion
  • Appreciation for  Super 6 Cricket Tournament
  • Appreciation for  Employees Paint Ball Competition


It will be furnished if required.


Vendor Ledger Reconciliation Format in Excel

Vendor Ledger Reconciliation Format in Excel

Vendor Ledger Reconciliation Format in Excel

The vendor is the most important part of any organization. A manufacturing company 50% success depends on his vendor services. Financial is play an important role in industry progress. Account payable related to the vendor.

Vendor Reconciliation

We discuss the important part of the vendor ledger reconciliation format in the excel. This template shows how to maintain ledger with vendor then he provides perfect services and we save a lot of time and money.


The serial number is a necessary part of any document. In this, screenshot it shows that how many vendors working with the organization.


This Picture shows that the vendor business name some time vendor name and his business name changed. Business sale from time to time. It may be part of the marketing plan. Many times business goes to lose and other people and companies buy it then they changed the name of the business. Many times names show the type of business.


The above excel screenshot shows the contact information of the is important in an emergency contact with the vendor.


Some vendor has different types of business. Everyone has no about the client’s demand and supply. Special person deals and handles the clients demand, it show the focal person of the company.


Some vendors working on the advance, cash and another working on credit. This column shows the current balance of the vendor.


It show which type of services provided by a vendor. Easily we sort by Type of many vendors we have related this service.


The date defines the duration of all columns and their components. It also shows which date we reconciliation the ledger.


Remarks play an important role in daily work. Some time company clash with vendors on rate, deals, delivery, quality, quantity and time duration. Remarks shows which type of clash in the ledger.


The last step of vendor ledger reconciliation format in excel is audit sign. The auditor checks wisely with his profession thinking and scope.


Resignation Letter Template

Resignation Letter Template

Resignation Letter Template 1 :

Date …………………….


HR Department

A-B-C Private Limited

Subject:  Resignation

Dear Sir,

I would like to inform you that due to my personal reason. I am resigning from    A-B-C Private Limited effective from  DD.MM.YYYY.

Thank you for the opportunities that you have provided me for a professional career and personal development. I have enjoyed working for the organization and appreciate your support during my serving time.


 Code ………………………………………….

Name …………………………………………




 Supervisor Name & Signature …………………………………..

Resignation Letter Template 2:



The Finance Manager,

Dummy Private Limited

Subject: Resignation


I have been working under your kind gives me displeasure to inform you that I will no longer continue my work in the prestigious organization. I have indeed learned from this job& I hope that the management is also satisfied with my achievement. but now I am resigning from this job due to personal reasons with effect from MM/DD/YYYY.

Please accept my resignation and issue me a clearance letter


Name:  A-B-C-D

Employee Code:_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Resignation Letter Template 3:


City Adress& Country

Contact Number & Email

CEO & Directors

A-B-C-D International (Pvt.) Ltd


Please accept this letter as my formal notice of resignation from A-B-C-D International (Pvt.) Ltd., effective DD-MM-YYYY. The associations I’ve made during my employment here will truly be memorable for years to come. 

Kindly prepare my final settlement and give as a charity to any needy person of your Factory. 

The real test is not whether you avoid this failure because you won’t. It’s whether you let it harden or shame you into inaction, or whether you learn from it; whether you choose to persevere. 

Please Grow Up. Think as businessmen try to be a part of the corporate culture, not a shopkeeper. 

Thank you very much for the opportunity to work here. 




How to Write an Authorization Letter

How to Write an Authorization Letter

This article shows you how to write an authorization letter. Anyone write an authorization to save time and money and collect information and documents on behalf of others. Here is some example of how to write an authorization letter;

Sample 1:

Heading: Authority Letter Collect the Documents

It is certified that Mr/Mrs _A_B_C_D_E (Complete N.I.C name and his number) is _ F_G_H_I_J (Designation of Job Role) in my office.He/She is fully authorized to collect the documents which are issued in my name.


Full Name


Sample 2:

The Manager


Branch Address.

Dated: __________________


Dear Sir,

I/We had applied for a checkbook on my/our Account No. 0123-456789-1011 maintained with your branch.

I/We hereby authorize the under mentioned representative to collect my/our checkbook my/our behalf. Particulars of the authorized representative are given below.

Mr. / Ms. _________________________

CNIC No. _________________________     (Copy Enclosed)


Authorized Representative’s Signature

The delivery of the checkbook to the authorized representative will serve as proof that the cheque book has been received.

Yours faithfully,


Sample 3:


The Manager,

XYZ Bank Private Limited

(Complete Address)

(City Name)

Subject:                                   Authority Letter to Collect Cheque.


About the above-stated subject, it is requested that we authorized (Complete name mention on CNIC with issue number) to collect the cheque amounting Rs. 000,000/- cheque no. is 0123456789 of My Bank.


ABC Industries

Chief Executive

Sample 4:


The Manager                                                                                             Date: _________

ABCD Bank Private Limited

Branch Address

Subject:     Provision of Bank Statement A/C # 0123456789

Please provide a bank statement from (DD-MM-YYYY) to (DD_MM_YYYY).

Best Regards,

Chief Executive

Complete Name

XYZ International (Pvt.) Ltd.

Sample 5:

To,                                                                                                                                                  DD/MM/YYY

The Assistant Collector

Department Name

City mention


Subject:           Authority Letter for the rebate claims

Dear Sir,

We have authorized (Complete Name with Father Name) having CNIC #  (01-2345678-9) to deal with our rebate system claims in the custom-house (city name). It is requested to send the cheques to our Bank ABC A/C  # 01-123456-897  XYZ (Pvt.) Ltd.

Thank You

Yours truly,

XYZ (Pvt.) Ltd.,

Sample 6:

I, hereby authorize (Complete Name with CNIC ) to receive the parcels and documents against the following (Tracking No.) numbers on my behalf.

Tracking No.0123456

Tracking No.abcdef

Tracking No.9876543

Mention Designation:

(Name & Company Name)



Sample 7:


Any Bank Private Limited                                                                                                Date: ___________

(City Name with Address)

Subject:     Provision of Bank Statement Account # 0123456789

Please provide a bank statement from (Dated)  to (Dated)  of the subject account.





Sample 8:


A,B,C Bank  Private Limited                                                                                         Date: ___________

(Branch Code & Address)

Authority Letter

I, hereby authorize (ID Card Name & Number) to collect the bank statement against A/C # 0123456789-10 on my behalf.


Account Signature

Sample 9:


(Designation) Police Station,

City Address

Subject: Authority Letter for Police Case

Honorary (Complete Name with CNIC # ) (Designation) is hereby authorized to deposit application/deal with the case in a police station (Address). against (Names of Person) on behalf of the CEO of (Company Name).



Name with Official Signature

Company Name with Address




To:          ( XYZ   Name )                                                                                                         Date:

A-B-C Private Limited


Subject:                               Authority Letter-(Job Designation)


  1. Your Appointment as  (Job Designation) at A-B-C (Pvt.) Ltd is very much challenging. It is

Intimated with gratitude that following car is being issued to you on your joining:-

  1. Registration No –              JKL-45678
  2. Engine No –                      M87654
  3. Chassis No –                    NOPQ-987654321
  4. Make and Model –            ( Brand Name )
  5. Color –                              ( Example Yellow)
  6. Current Mileage –              123456 KM


  1. The company provides your new car as per contract, the repairing, and maintenance on your part. As per company policy, after attaining maturity the car will be transferred to ( XYZ   Name).


  1. You are also authorized to drive this car on behalf of A-B-C (Pvt.) Ltd


Received BY                                                                                                                       Given BY



Date: ____________


Subject: Authority for collection of Pistal No ______, ___ Bore

We hereby authorize Mr _____________ S/o ______________ NIC No. 1234-1234567-1 to possess, takeover and carry company weapon on behalf of (Company full name and address and contact number).


Authorize Person / Chief Executive


Date: ____________


Subject: Authority to apply for the Weapons License

I, the chief executive of (ABC company Name) authorize the following directors to apply for the weapons license for the purpose of display, protection of the company , director self, company equipment and personal.

Name of directors:


Authorize Person / Chief Executive